Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Browser Stack

Written Test

Test held on 13th of October 2014
Platform was

1 Round of written test

There were two question:
1. Find the sum of the digits of N^L. N and L are inputs
2. Pattern matching. In which T is the main string and P is the small string to be matched. P is a regex.
P can be for example  :
a*  = aa
a. = aaaaa
(ab)* = abab
and so on

It was 2 hour test.

A lot of people were able to clear the test

2nd round of written test

It came as a surprise in mail at around 10 pm with a link that your test has been started. The link had two question in it. time given was 2 hours.

Questions were on socket programming, server client interaction

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